2020 Success Stories: Coronavirus Relief Fund—Geauga

“To everyone that is facing financial uncertainty, there is help,” said Geauga County resident Deborah. “Like many others, I lost my job in the hospitality industry unexpectedly, leaving me with no income, and no opportunity to find new employment within my industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has crushed a lot of us and left us with virtually no income and no way to maintain our way of life. 

I happened upon the Lake and Geauga County mortgage assistance options by calling 2-1-1, and learning about the help that is available to people in situations like mine. 

I qualified to receive mortgage assistance for the past 10 months of house payments that I had to put in a forbearance program. Needless to say, the weight of this financial burden has been lifted and I wanted to share this with others that d

So my message is this: Don’t give up, there is hope and help available, and there are programs in place to help us get through this unprecedented time in our lives.  As a lifelong Geauga County resident, I am thankful for these programs!”