2020 Success Stories: Financial Empowerment

In the very challenging year of 2020, we were still able to provide our Financial Empowerment program to clients. This program is designed to help its participants understand basic financial philosophies and provide tools necessary to become financially confident.

Sonya came to the Financial Empowerment program through our Supportive Housing program.  In the first two sessions the topics that are presented to the participants are organization skills and SMART goals for goal setting. Sonya, as a student and parent, will find these skills helpful in aspects of her life beyond her financial awareness. Sonya attended every session and participated in the exercises and used the tools presented over the nine-week course.

” Having an opportunity to attend the Financial Empowerment class with Tiffany has changed my life and will continue to be valuable information,” said Sonya. “Information that I can build upon to help reach my goals in financial success. The class curriculum is something everyone should be competent in to achieve success, financially, in their life.”

From her experience in this program, Sonya has applied for other programs at Lifeline to continue her journey to self-sufficiency for her and her family. Sonya has already presented her application for the Buy Car program and is saving her part of the of the purchase funds.

“Sonya was the ideal participant in the Financial Empowerment program. She was open to learning and utilized the skills tools in each of the sessions,” said program coordinator Tiffany Menosky. “Her experience in the Financial Empowerment program has given her the basic skills to manage her own finances confidently while also providing valuable resources to allow her to continue to grow. I expect that she will do well in organizing and maintaining her finances as she moves forward.”

The Financial Empowerment program is offered by Lifeline, Inc. as a standalone program or in partnership with other Lifeline programs. The Financial Empowerment participant gains skills in managing their own personal finances through teaching and the practical use of coordinating tools. They will also have an understanding and awareness of resources in the financial industry to refer to for a lifetime.