2020 Success Story: Reentry Programs

“Where do I even begin with how my life has been impacted by the reentry program in Lake County, Ohio with Bri Moon,” said Rachel. “I found out about the program and had an appointment before I even left the prison where I just served over 18 years. This program has helped me succeed far beyond my own reach in so many ways.”

“I have not only been helped financially but also with my transition back into society with great compassion for my situation and help with understanding things I did not understand like technology and just society in general. I have obtained a car and a job and now recently in the past few months a place to call home that is my own.”

“This program helped with clothing and household needs and just guided me in the right direction that I feel without I would still to this day not have been able to get on my own. I feel that with the right plan and help anyone can make a life for themselves if they really want it. I am so very grateful for Bri and this program and just feel connected to this agency. This program was my “lifeline” to success! I thank you so very much for that. I believe that people coming out of incarceration have a target on their back and need some guidance. I would love to help give back in any way that I can.  I would love to help others who are coming home from incarceration.  It helps to have someone who gets you or knows what you are going through. I thank Bri for her guidance and just being there to talk to if needed. I feel this is a very important program for those coming out of prison.  People don’t know how helpful this program is until they are given the opportunity. I didn’t and am so glad that I have been given the second chance I needed. Thank you again for all you do.”