2020 Success Story: Supportive Housing

In November 2019, Niki joined the Supportive Housing Program. This program provides both rental assistance and case management support to Lake County adults who are enrolled in an accredited educational institution. Niki was enrolled at the Northern Career Institute as a full-time nursing student. She was working part time hours and was struggling to make ends meet as a single parent.

“I was discussing dropping out to go back to work full time because now I was on my own. I learned about the Supportive Housing Program through my school’s social worker and she immediately got me in contact with Angela,” Niki stated.

Niki completed the application process and was quickly enrolled in the program. During her time in the program, Niki worked closely with her family advocate, Angela Wrana, on goal planning, budgeting skills and getting linked with community resources. She successfully achieved all of her goals and is currently participating in Lifeline’s Financial Empowerment classes.

“I was very impressed with Niki’s determination and focus on completing her education while raising her son,” said Angela.

Niki successfully graduated from the Northern Career Institute in June 2020. She is currently preparing for the NCLEX to obtain her license and is very excited to begin her nursing career.

“The absolute most helpful thing that this program did was help me with my rental costs to allow me to 100% focus on my school and my son,” said Niki. “Graduating and becoming a nurse would have been impossible if not for the help that I was able to receive through Lifeline.”