Success Story 2018: Reentry

Steve began using Lake County’s Reentry Programs in July of 2017.  Our Reentry Coordinator worked with him while he was still incarcerated through an innovative video conference program that allowed her to speak with him directly before he was released.  Steve’s primary need was getting connected to mental health services upon his release.  He was concerned about preventing a relapse in his symptoms and knew he needed support.

After release, Steve began attending Citizen Circle meetings on a monthly basis which allowed him to remain connected to the community while also working on other barriers such as stable employment.

“The Program helped me tremendously by letting me touch base with the Citizen Circle members and also kept me accountable for my actions,” said Steve. 

Recently, Steve has gained employment at a local church as a head janitor—a job he is proud of.  He is committed to his mental health care and substance abuse recovery. He remains involved with AA and the Reentry Office programs that prevent him from returning to prison.  He has made choices to take action which are resulting in positive long term change.