Stress from Diabetes Questions

Diabetes Help

Lifeline offers several different programs within the Health Services umbrella. Often times, customers who arrive at Lifeline for one program discover another beneficial program that could improve their health. This is true for Juan, a 66 year old Lake county resident who lives with his daughter’s family. Juan is an insulin-dependent diabetic without medical insurance and his family must absorb the financial responsibility of his medical care.

Juan first came to Lifeline for assistance with his diabetic needs. His insulin prescription was over $500 per month; a required medication to lower his blood sugar. The strain of his condition was an economic and emotional stress on his family.

His daughter, Rosie, explains “I worry a lot about him; about how we will manage his health.”

During the appointment with the Health Services Coordinator, Juan learned about the Eyecare Assistance Program. He had not had an eye exam in many years and was worried about damage to his eyes from diabetes. At the conclusion of his appointment, Juan had a voucher to receive his insulin as well as an exam scheduled with an eye doctor.

“I worry less because of the programs from Lifeline. I can focus on my kids knowing that my dad has help. We rely on Lifeline’s health programs for my dad,” Rosie explains.

Juan is working to maintain his health with the help of his family. He is better able to manage his diabetes by taking his insulin as prescribed and has been receiving the needed follow-up care for his eyes through Lifeline’s partnership with Prevent Blindness Ohio.