Starting Life Over After An Accident

A new chapter

At 34 years old, Robert came to Lifeline to get assistance with housing as he begins a new chapter in his life. A few years ago Robert was in a car accident that left him disabled. Due to the severity of the injuries and on-going seizures as a result of a related operation, Robert had to move in with his family. The recovery was a long road for him, but thankfully Robert has been free of seizures for an entire year.

His family loved and supported him through the most difficult time in his life and now Robert feels strong enough to regain some of his independence. Robert also shares custody of his three children and wanted to have a place of his own that his children could call home.

During his search he explained his situation and expressed concern about how costly it is to move, as he is now on a fix income. He came across an apartment complex and the landlord advised Robert to contact Lifeline and see if he would qualify for the Rental Assistance Program.

Robert and his mom, Sandra, came to Lifeline to complete the necessary paperwork and learned, on the same day, that he did qualify for the program. After the unit passed the required safety inspection and Robert provided all the necessary paperwork he received $750 in assistance towards his security deposit and first month rent.

“We are so happy and grateful that he was able to find an apartment that was suitable for him and that he was able to receive the financial assistance he needed to help with the move,” said Sandra.

Robert received the keys to his new apartment the same day he was approved for Lifeline’s assistance and is very excited to share his new home with his children, family, and friends.