Security Deposit Program

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and when those circumstances are catastrophic, one’s life can be turned upside down.  Everything can change in an instant, from the most insignificant or mundane routine, to something as devastating as losing your housing. Take for example our client, Christina. Last year Christina was living in Florida when she received a call from her niece, Lori.  Lori had just recently lost her husband and finding herself as a single mother of three young boys was proving to be a difficult task.  Lori called her aunt Christina and asked if she could move in with her until things got better.  Knowing the situation Lori was in, Christina did not hesitate to pick up her things and make the move to Ohio.  Things were going well for a while until Christina’s beloved niece Lori unexpectedly passed away.  Now her three grandnephews were orphans.  After some time, Christina’s life was finally starting to settle down.  Her grandnephews were now in the custody of their paternal grandparent and Christina was faced with the decision to move back to Florida or stay here in Ohio.  It did not take long for Christina to make her decision.  She was staying in Lake County so she could be a part of her grandnephews lives. Christina was left with no place to live so the challenge now was to find a safe and affordable place that she could call home. Fortunately Christina was approved for Public Housing, but she still needed help with her security deposit and first month rent.  As often happens, the Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority referred her to Lifeline to get housing assistance.  We met with Christina and explained we offer a Security Deposit program that helps with up to $750.00 in combined assistance for a security deposit and first month rent. “This is such a blessing to me.  Social Security is my only source of income and I did not know how I was going to come up with the money to secure the apartment.  I am so grateful,” said Christina. After the application and all the necessary paperwork was completed Christina received assistance for 90% of her security deposit and her first month rent.  Knowing that there is a home to live in has provided some stability for Christina’s life and that stability has given her the opportunity to start looking ahead to her future. It was such a pleasure to work with Christina and to know that here at Lifeline we are providing programs that help people when life throws those unexpected twist and turns.