Rental Assistance Helps Mom and Dad Move Out Of The Kids’ House

The cookie jar found its kitchen

This year we had the opportunity to meet John and Cindy. They are a retired married couple in their early seventies. Due to some unforeseen circumstances they were forced to move in with their son. They planned to live with him for a short period of time, however a couple of months turned into almost a year. When John and Cindy started looking for housing they were taken aback by how difficult and expensive it was to secure an apartment. For months they applied at many places, but kept being turned down until finally they found an apartment complex in Willoughby willing to give them a chance. The manager of the complex explained that they had worked with Lifeline for many years. She encouraged John and Cindy to contact Lifeline if they needed assistance with their security deposit. This was welcome news for them since they have a limited income.

John called Lifeline and was able to set up an appointment within a few days. During the interview it was determined that they qualified to receive up to $750.00 in security deposit assistance. Shortly after the meeting an inspection of their new apartment was scheduled. At the inspection John and Cindy were so excited that they decided to bring with them an old cookie jar. John explained that the cookie jar was one of his parents wedding gifts and that it was over seventy years old. He placed the cookie jar on the kitchen counter and agreed that it was a good fit. Soon after the inspection John and Cindy moved into their apartment and they tell me that the cookie jar is being proudly displayed in the kitchen.

“We are so excited to finally have a place of our own, thanks to Lifeline,” said John.