Removing The Burden of Filing Taxes

Tax help

With the cost of living on the rise, many Lake County families find themselves looking for affordable options when it comes to filing their taxes. According to some reports a person can expect to pay an average of up to $200.00 to have their taxes prepared. In this economy that extra income can make a big difference in the lives of low- income families. An example of this is Kimberly Smith and Robyn Johnson. They have both chosen to have their taxes prepared at Lifeline because they cannot afford to pay the high cost that other private companies charge.

In 2011 Robyn was at the Job and Family Services office and saw a flyer with information about the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program that Lifeline was offering. She came in and was so happy with the process that Robyn has come back every year since then to get her taxes prepared.

“I have saved a lot of money by having my taxes done at Lifeline. The staff is knowledgeable and very friendly,” said Robyn.

Kimberly, a single mother of three, has to watch her budget very carefully. She was relieved to find out that she did not have to incur any extra cost by having her taxes done at Lifeline.

“The process was very easy and I will recommend their services to anyone,” said Kimberly.

Both Robyn and Kimberly chosen to use direct deposit for their tax refund, which they received very quickly, and they are looking forward to coming into Lifeline once more to complete their taxes.