Medications, Diabetes and Nutrition Successes

Prescription Assistance Program: 2015 Success Story

A local resident of Lake County was asked to take a moment to let us know how Lifeline’s Prescription Program has impacted her family’s life.

“I was experiencing much stress and sleepless nights. Not knowing how to get my son’s ADHD medication for him was a lot to deal with, when he was finally making great strides in school. Receiving the friendly welcome at Lifeline along with the voucher to get my son’s medication that same day was more than I ever expected.” ~ Susan

Nutrition Program: 2015 Success Story

A local resident of Lake County was asked if Lifeline was able to help with the each class provided by the Nutrition Program

“The nutrition classes were most helpful. The classes made it possible for me to understand that the different colors fruit and vegetables have “phytochemicals” help fight different illness. My doctor has noticed that since I started classes my cholesterol level has dropped. I am thankful to see this program offered each year.” ~ Linda

Diabetic Assistance Program: 2015 Success Story

Michael, a Lake County resident, was experiencing financial difficulty after his employer’s business downsized. Michael was asked how the Diabetic Assistance Program was able to help him.

“Losing my job made my living situations unstable. I have never had to ask for help before because I always kept a job. I am insulin dependent and I want to get back to work.”

Michael was able to receive his insulin that same day he came in for services. Michael also signed up for the pharmaceutical company’s long- term Prescription Assistance Program which Lifeline assists with applications for. Michael received the insulin three months, free of charge through the pharmaceutical company. After one month, Michael stated “I am very thankful, Lifeline saved my life.”