Looking For Moral Support, She Got More Than That

She’s a survivor
Tina applied for Lifeline’s Supportive Housing program in September 2013. A divorced mom of three small girls and survivor of Domestic Violence, Tina had urgent goals of moving to ensure her safety and the safety of her children.

Tina applied for and was accepted into Lifeline’s Supportive Housing program. Tina was hoping to get some much needed moral support as she worked towards her goals and establishing a fresh start in life. Tina was accepted into our Supportive Housing program which provides rental assistance for 18 months so that participants may focus their energy and resources towards educational & other life improving goals. Lifeline was able to offer Tina some additional financial assistance paying $500 towards her security deposit making the goal of moving more manageable. Tina successfully moved and immediately started creating new goals working toward achieving them.

Tina shares “I have been given a great opportunity to achieve my goals and be able to someday give back. Without this help of Lifeline’s Supportive Housing Program it would take me twice as long to get to where I want to be. As a single mom with three young girls things are hard but it’s nice to have someone like Lauri who genuinely cares about us at my side cheering me on. A huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders from a financial stand point allowing me to catch up and keep me focused more on what means most, my children. Not only am I catching up but preparing to be self-sufficient.”