‘Lifeline helped pay for my medication’

That prescription isn’t covered…

Gerald found himself facing a situation that many people experience nowadays. The doctor prescribed a medication for a procedure that was not covered by his current health insurance. The pharmacist explained that it would cost over $200 to purchase the prescription. She may just as well have said that it was going to cost a million dollars.

Gerald’s only income is social security and after paying for his housing expenses there was no way for him to cover the cost of this medication. He called the doctor to see if there was an alternate solution that would be cover by the insurance; however there was none. After talking to his daughter, Caroline, about the issue she referred her father to Lifeline. Caroline had used the program in the past and knew that Lifeline can help one time a year with up to $400 in prescription assistance.

Gerald called the agency and quickly set up an appointment with the program coordinator. He came in and after qualifying for the program was able to pick up his prescription on the same day.

“I am now able to have my procedure done because Lifeline helped pay for my medication. We are so lucky to have this agency in Lake County to help people like me. I am so thankful,” said Gerald.