Finding Employment After A Felony

Escaping an old felony

Paul applied for Lifeline’s Employment & Training program in April 2013 after being referred from another community agency. After being determined eligible, he started with the career assessment which helped Paul identify his strength & weaknesses and pointed him in the direction of careers that would be a good fit for him.

Paul had been struggling to find gainful employment. He was unable to get employers to look past his old felony record, and with no marketable skills, he was struggling to secure gainful employment. In July 2013, with the help of his Lifeline Consumer Education Coordinator, Paul registered for CDL classes at a truck driving school, booked the hotel required for the out of town school and arranged the usage of rental of a truck for his test.

In September 2013 Paul completed his schooling and by October 2013 he secured employment in his chosen field, earning an income he is proud of. He is thriving.

“I am absolutely amazed that Lifeline had so much faith in me to pay for my training upfront,” said Paul. Paul goes on to say that, “If it were not for Lifeline and the training they provided me, my future looked bleak.”

Paul has also benefited from other services that Lifeline provides and received a voucher for Diabetic related supplies & medication, attended a Nutrition class and received assistance with eyeglasses.

“It’s wonderful to know all the services that Lifeline provides,” said Paul.