Finding A Career, Not A Job

Investing in a Better Tomorrow

Everett knew he wanted to find a career for himself and not just a “job.” He had done some construction work over the years, but nothing that would lead to a steady paycheck and room for advancement. He did research and found a program that was interesting and matched his skills.

Lifeline’s Employment Training program was designed to assist people just like Everett who didn’t want to pursue a degree but needed vocation training to obtain a good job. Everett selected the Industrial Electrical Training program at Auburn Career Center. This intensive program would prepare him for working hands on with industrial electrical machinery and equipment needed by companies.

Everett has attended classes four nights per week for five months; a total of 320 hours. Everett’s training included both classroom and practical application of his field.

“The Employment Training Program at Lifeline was great,” Everett said about working with Lifeline staff that assisted him with the whole process.

Lifeline invests time with each Employment Training candidate to determine the best match for an educational program. Together with the participant, Lifeline staff constructs a plan that includes balancing school and personal obligations such as schedules and family. Leading up to his graduation, Everett has been spending time working on his resume and finding an internship. His dream is to work for a large company that offers lots of opportunities to learn and grow.

“This program was so helpful for my schooling. Now I can focus on getting hands on experience,”
Everett shares.