Everything Changed In An Instant

From $80k a year to $16k

John was living the American dream. He had a good job earning $80,000 per year as a truck driver and a beautiful home in a cul‐de‐sac street. One morning everything changed in an instant for him. He was hit head on by another driver and ended up in the hospital.

After the accident John found himself in a very challenging situation. His income was reduced to $16,000 and he could no longer maintain the home and life that he had worked so hard for. He was forced to move out of his current home with little notice and did not have the funds necessary for both the deposit and first month rent. Eventually John ended up in a homeless shelter and little by little he started to put his life back together.

He came across a landlord that has worked with Lifeline’s Rental Assistance Program for many years. Knowing John’s situation, the landlord referred John to Lifeline where he was able to receive $500 in assistance for his security deposit.

“Thanks to Lifeline I was not only able to have my deposit paid for me, I was also able to tap into other available resources to assist with making my transition into a new space as smooth as possible” said John.

John is a hard worker and he is currently going to school for computer programing and enjoying the stability that comes with having a place of his own.