‘An amazing life saver’

Building a Life For Her Son

Susan was referred to Lifeline’s Supportive Housing Program from another local community agency. She interviewed and was accepted into the Supportive Housing Program in November 2013. The Supportive Housing program helps with rental assistance over a period of 18 months while participants work towards self-sufficiency goals, including education and/or job training.

Susan’s immediate short term goal was to obtain physical custody of her three year old son, which Susan was able to achieve. Susan worked hard on attachment & parenting skills and gathered resources to assist in making a smooth transition for her son. Susan’s case manager with Lifeline was able to utilize funds to obtain a new bed for her son. Susan then moved on to goals of purchasing a car and is now preparing to attend nursing school starting in January 2015 which has been her long term goal.

“The Supportive Housing Program has been an amazing life saver for me,” shared Susan. “The program has given me the opportunity to meet goals that otherwise I wouldn’t have be able to do. It has given me the opportunity to reunite with my son and provide him with his own bed and a newer, safer car to ride in. With the help of the Supportive Housing Program and my case manager at Lifeline, I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and know I can get there. I’ve learned to set realistic goals and had an amazing cheerleader in my case manager to help me until those goals were reached. I am grateful for all they have done for me.”