A new career

Getting things under control

Sue dropped out of school in the 11th grade to become a heavy machine operator. She decided to get her GED and continued her education in nursing where she worked for 16 years. She was diagnosed with COPD that eventually became so severe that she was unable to work and now receives disability. She said, “I have always been self-sufficient and didn’t plan to get sick” and needed some help to get back on her feet.

With her medical issues finally under control, Sue applied to Lifeline’s Transitional Housing Program which assists customers with life skills and financial incentives to achieve self-sufficiency, while also providing a subsidized housing allowance while they’re enrolled in the program.

Sue develop goals for her herself to obtain computer training and update her skills so she can find employment. She meets regularly with Lifeline’s Consumer Education Coordinator to review her progress and for support. It was during one of these meetings that Sue expressed difficulty in getting her medication in a timely manner. She was able to meet immediately with the Lifeline Health Coordinator who assisted her in purchasing her much needed medication through Lifeline’s Prescription Assistance Program.

Sue was referred for computer training with Tech-Wise and utilized Lifeline’s Employment and Training Program’s funds to update her resume so she can begin her job search. Her goal is to work in a doctor’s office since she can no longer work in a hospital setting.

“Being involved with Lifeline’s programs has given me new confidence, reduced my stress level and gives me hope that I will be self- sufficient again,” reports Sue about her experience and her expectation to be working soon.