2019 Success Story: Transportation & Reentry Programs

Lifeline has an array of programs that help residents in Lake County achieve self-sufficiency. Sometimes clients only need to utilize one program, often times, though, a client will utilize several programs at once to maximize their success.

Two important programs that Lifeline offers are the Reentry Program, which assists those with a criminal background conquer the barriers that stand in their way to success, and the Transportation Program that provides individuals with bus passes or gas cards to help them get to school, work or any important appointments they need to go to be successful.

In Phil’s case, using both programs would provide him with the greatest chance to improve his self-sufficiency. In October of 2019 Phil, who was recently released from jail, began to contact Bri Moon, Lifeline’s Reentry Coordinator, to explore what help was available to him since his criminal record was making it difficult to obtain employment. Moon explained how the Lake County Reentry program would be able to assist him with the barriers he was facing and develop a plan that was specific to his needs.

Phil began to attend Citizen Circle meetings where he was able to meet with other members of the community who were invested in helping him. Phil also utilized the Lake County Reentry Program’s support group to continue to get the support he needed to help him get back on his feet.  Citizen Circle worked with Phil to help him get enrolled in truck driving school. Unfortunately the truck driving school was quite a distance away from his residence, but Lifeline’s Transportation Program was able to assist Phil with gas cards to get to and from school.

“Providing Phil with gas cards was a tremendous help to him because without the Transportation Program it would have been another barrier preventing Phil from going to school,” said Moon.

Phil has successfully graduated from truck driving school and now has a career as a truck driver and also acts as an instructor to new students.

Phil shared that “he’s grateful there are so many resources at Lifeline that helped him with his success.”

Participants, like Phil, who are able to combine numerous programs that Lifeline offers are ideal success stories; Lifeline supports self-sufficiency plans for individuals including those in need regardless of criminal background, need for employment and transportation.