2019 Success Story: Prescription Assistance

Lifeline’s Health Services Program is essential to community members who are uninsured or underinsured.  Each year Lifeline assists customers with lifesaving medication and diabetic supplies to improve and maintain good health.  Medication assistance is offered once annually and diabetic supplies can be approve twice annually.  Health Services improves the self-sufficiency of the community because it allows individuals and families to receive medication that allows them to return to work and remain employed or prevents them having complications due to unregulated care.

Kathleen received assistance with medication in December 2019. She has health insurance but was not able to afford her medication due to a “gap” in coverage and her prescription was not able to be covered.  Social Security benefits supported the income in her household but she had little money after essential bills were paid for this added expense. 

Kathleen met with a Lifeline staff member to discuss her medication needs and was approved for assistance and received a voucher to take to the local partnering pharmacy. 

“I am very grateful,” said Kathleen. Kathleen continued that the process was easy. Kathleen was able to receive her medication and maintain her health.  The Health Services Program continues to operate for those in situations such as Kathleen’s, with or without insurance, Lifeline can support the health needs of the community.