2019 Success Story: HCRP

In June 2019, Bridget enrolled in The HCRP Program at Lifeline. The HCRP, or Homeless Crisis Response Program provides emergency rental assistance to the homeless population in Lake County. The assistance can include security deposit, an average of three months of rent, and utility deposits/arrears.

After living in Missouri for 15 years, Bridget and her two children, ages 13 and 14, had recently moved back to Ohio due to financial struggles and to be closer to her father who was ill. Sadly, her father passed away and Bridget found herself without any family support and struggling to provide for her children.

After being evicted from her home, Bridget spiraled into a deep state of depression that she describes as “very cold and dark.” Bridget moved in to a motel room with her children and struggled daily to provide for them with her waitressing job where she made just $4.25/hour plus tips. “It was so stressful and emotional,” said Bridget.

But Bridget did not give up hope – she continued to fight and prayed every day for an answer.

Thankfully Bridget and her children became linked with Extended Housing’s Homeless Outreach Program where she began to receive financial assistance with her motel stay and was referred for mental health services. She was also referred to Lifeline for emergency rental assistance through HCRP.

Bridget came to Lifeline to meet with Program Coordinator Angela Wrana and quickly began her search for housing.

“It was difficult finding a home/apartment because of certain landlords’ rules,” said Bridget. “I was feeling overwhelmed but Angela stayed by my side & kept me encouraged.”

Soon after, Bridget was able to secure a safe and clean three bedroom apartment for herself and her children. Angela conducted a safety inspection of the unit prior to her move-in and assisted Bridget with her outstanding electric balance so that she would be able to get the utilities turned on in her name.

“Receiving not only rental assistance, but utility assistance as well, allows our participants the opportunity to better save their money so that they can be self-sufficient once their program ends,” said Wrana. “Bridget has fought so long and so hard to provide for her family, it is amazing to see her get back on her feet.”

When asked what she would like to share with other people who are currently struggling in similar situations, Bridget responds, “This organization saves lives…don’t be out there and be ashamed, they will help you and support you. It saved me and my family!! It strengthened my soul. It encouraged me to never give up, from depression and anxiety to having freedom deep in my soul.”