2018 Success Story: Rental Assistance Program

In 2018, Lifeline’s Rental Assistance Program has allowed more than 245 families and individuals to secure a safe and affordable home here in Lake County who otherwise would not have the financial means to do so.  

Take, for example, Jasmine, who was involved in a terrible accident at work. This accident left her disabled for life. No longer able to work, she and her two daughters ended up having to move in with a friend.  It took some time for Jasmine to heal and, although she was very grateful for all of the help her friend provided, she was longing to have a place of her own.  

As soon as Jasmine recovered she started looking for an apartment. She found one in Willoughby, but in order to move in she needed a total of $1,100 to cover her security deposit and first month rent.  It was difficult for her to come up with the total amount needed to move, as Jasmine’s income had drastically changed after the accident.

Knowing the circumstance, Jasmine’s friend encouraged her to call Lifeline for assistance.  Shortly after Jasmine applied for the Rental Assistance Program, an inspection of the unit was scheduled. During the inspection she expressed how excited she was to have the apartment.  This was going to be the second part of her daughters’ Christmas present.  They did not know that mom had found a place they could call home.

Lifeline was able to provide $750 in assistance to cover 90 percent of the security deposit and a portion of the first month rent.  This made it so much more manageable for Jasmine and she was very grateful.  When I asked how the assistance from Lifeline helped her situation she said “this program allowed me to make the move a lot sooner that I could have done on my own.  We have our own place now where my daughters and I can have more independence and that means the world to me.”