2-1-1 Lake County Success Stories 2012

Coming home to no electricity

A 211 operator received a call from Carol, who had just been released from the hospital. When she arrived at home with oxygen, she discovered that her electricity had been disconnected. Carol was crying as she explained the situation to the operator. Carol received information about HEAP and was advised to explain her situation to the staff. 211’s operator called back two days later and Carol’s service had been restored because HEAP had been able to expedite her case. “I’m very grateful, both to HEAP and to 211, for the help I received during such a difficult time,” said Carol.

‘I couldn’t have done all this without you’

Jason called 211 recently to get information about receiving a TB test. He was concerned about the cost of the testing. The 211 operator explained that the testing could be done at reduced prices for people with low incomes. When the operator thanked him for calling 211, Jason said “No, thank you. I used to be homeless and now I have a place to live and a job thanks to 211. You guys are always there when I have a question. I couldn’t have done all this without you.”